If you look back at history, women were clearly aliens all along. Aristotle had already said that women are mutilated men. All empirical observation confirms this. The sciences of anatomy and biology confirm it. Consider: where do babies come from? Space.  Where do you think aliens come from? Space! What else could women be other than aliens? Now, you may be asking: What about men? Surely, men are not aliens and yet men come from babies which come from space. You are correct.

This can be explained by considering women to be the alien race which kidnaps and mutilates the male body in a way which is not only aesthetically displeasing, but also robs men of their ability to reproduce single-handedly (as they had been able to do, before females were invented by the alien race in order to subjugate them).  The sciences of history and archeology confirm this. Clearly, all societies had some sort of protocol in place which prevented extraterrestrials from gaining too much power within society. Perhaps this explains why we don't have any records of alien activity within our world until the latter half of the second millennium. Before then, aliens were kept away by these protocols in addition to the mysterious disappearance of male babies. Clearly, aliens had to find a way to disrupt these protocols in order to subjugate men. Women would have had more trouble doing so, due to their physical limitations, and that's why men were the rulers of society for millennia. There's no conspiracy here. There's only truth.

Now that we have definitively proven that women are aliens, we must deal with the problem that women are an alien force which is subverting our beloved society. We cannot allow for this to continue.

There are three options:

1. The first option is to launch a pre-emptive strike against the aliens. However, in this day and age the aliens have gotten so entrenched in our society, so integrated into our lives, and so well-liked by the liberal media that full-scale war against them would be suicide for our society.

2. The second option is to gather evidence and then launch a legal battle against women (and their male accomplices). This may or may not be successful, but it would at least raise awareness of the situation and drum public support for corrective action.

3. The third and final option is to engage in social sabotage against the aliens. This is our best option because it is not only non-violent but it also makes the aliens suffer, which is always a plus in my book.

With these suggestions, I would also add that it is essential for us to make our activity on this issue as vague and mysterious as possible. That way the public (as well as the media which is totally infiltrated by the aliens) will be more inclined to listen and less likely to dismiss what we have to say out of hand. For every action there is a reaction. For every cause, an effect. A single pebble cast into a still pond disturbs the entire surface of the water. If one person can change the world, then it is your duty as an intelligent citizen to do so. Be that one person. Do not allow these alien creatures to overrun our society. Together, as a collective conscious, we can end alien tyranny forever.