not to be super gay, but i would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation and love and gratefulness for the boyz.

never in my wildest dreams would i have thought that some lowly gay retard like myself would be able to share, network and associate myself with one of the most dynamic and powerful groups of dudes on twitter, online, in the 'liberty movement.' it started out as me just being a super fan of the podcast, formerly known as, Friends Against Government and has blossomed into creating powerful friendships, a couple of goofy ass podcast appearances, and a way for me to feel empowered to express myself in a way i never have before. was created as a bulwark to the post-fake Insurrection that occurred back in January when the Purge was taking place. countless accounts nuked virtually overnight & the boyz had just about McFuckin had it with the so-called 'Free Speech for me and not for thee' policies of Twitter (dot) com. the idea arose of creating a micro-blog that could be posted directly to a twitter bot account  so even 'suspended' users could still get their voices heard. through this 'invention,' the power and relience of the boyz continued to grow and even more incredible fellas were recruited to the ranks.

the blog, the concept, the work being produced on was an overnight sensation, spurring talk of beating the technocracy at their own game, and also igniting a fire for the boyz to explore and continuing this community.

i may use this platform mainly to dabble and experiment with my wordplay and puns and goofy photoshops and schizo posting, but i also am enlightened by and inspired by what the fellas as pumping out. whether it be a new joke format or inspirstion for a pun, or insight on a historical event, or some deep occult consoiracy, i know that by being a part of and being friends with these incfedible dudes, that i am becoming a better, stronger, more inteliigent, (and funnier) person.

i cant properly express my gratitude and love and appreciation for the boyz, but know that i am so incredibly happy to thought of and appreciated as one of the boyz.

thank you Bird, Car, Aaron, Paz, Neoconremover, Cotton, Derek, Steppy, Lee, Ace, el Pulpo, Bullshido, & Drasco for welcoming this gay retard into the family.

follow all the boyz at and on twitter.

and remember that evrrything IS FAKE & GAY.