I've been seeing a trend emerging in the discussion about vaccine passports. People who are opposed to them, and who have assumed their inevitability, will offer one of the following observations:

"Look how easy the cards are to forge."
"Here's a PDF of the vaccination card, it would be a shame if someone printed it out on card stock."
"Apps can be hacked."
"Who would know if the doctor just missed your arm and vaccinated the sink?"

Let's get this out of the way: if you do not want the experimental gene therapy "vaccine", I do not want you to have it. I do not want it, and I do not intend to have it.

That said: This shit is not productive, and you need to cut it out. By engaging in this line of thought, you have already given up the fight in your mind. Not a single state governor in America has issued guidelines or executive dictates about these passports. Not a single national corporation, or a single private business has implemented them. And you're already focused on how to maintain your lifestyle after they've won. You - WE - have not lost this fight. WE have not even fought it yet.

The powers that be intend to wage an unrelenting campaign against your basic freedoms. Every time you change your victory conditions, every time you compromise in your heart, every time you retreat, and come up with an acceptable fantasy of how you're actually still free and you're still very clever - YOU HAVE LOST A BATTLE. Every battle you lose - THEY CONSOLIDATE POWER.

Okay, let's say that the passport system is just some dinky card, or some QR code that's easily faked. You think you're WINNING if you have to fake-swipe it at the grocery store, while 99% of the other people at the store are actually swiping it? The corpo-fascist government continuum considers this a win. And in a few years, they will come up with the technology to force even you, clever reader, to comply or die. I don't care what your plan is. If you do not make people feel uncomfortable, you will retreat until you are backed up against a cliff.

Every libertarian thinks that they're going to be Morgan Freeman in Shawshank in this new world. Wise, cool, and the guy who can circumvent the system and get things. Well how about we KEEP EVERYONE THE FUCK OUT OF SHAWSHANK?

This fight is not over.

This fight has not happened.

We don't need "clever" right now, we need "bold".