I can't remember the last time I saw an ad. How are you people still exposed to advertising? If you're too poor or technologically illiterate to avoid it you deserve to suffer. Download Brave browser or better yet Tor browser and just use that. You're now literally 50% of the way there.

The internet is 90% designed to know shit about you to show ads to you based on browsing history, analyzing the words in the photos on your phone, literally listening to every single word you say via your smartphone, and lots of other stuff that Google apologists will say they're fine with them knowing about. But right now I don't want to talk about how boomers on the internet think that caring about privacy is a nerd meme, I want to talk about how tech retards (namely the elderly and nearly all rednecks of every age) on the internet are hilariously the only group I can think of who actively use and trust big tech platforms like Facebook as the storage for all of their photos, yet when their Facebook account gets banned because they said some pro-Trump shit or cited some arbitrary FBI crime statistics, they'll get pissed at Facebook and suddenly be anti-Facebook because their collection of stolen unfunny memes and photos of them and the rest of their fat ass room temperature IQ family enjoying Joe's Crab Shack bottomless butter shrimp buckets are now completely wiped from Facebook forever.

Oh now it's personal? Now you don't like Facebook? I don't think I'd be blowing people's minds here by saying that Facebook doesn't like you either, and they're certainly not giving you a "free service" hosting the photos of your greasy fat face because they think you're a respectable person who deserves it. No, they're offering it for free to you for the exact opposite reason. The same reason why a farmer lets his chickens roam around and have some freedom or buys them the most quality feed he can get. You're livestock to them, and you're more valuable happy and content on the farm that they run, oblivious to any danger yourself. But the ones who realize this and make the farm feel not so safe are the ones who get removed.

"Safe spaces" are a popular notion on social media and other big tech data farms because it's useful to them, not you.

Most people are apathetic and lazy. I actually think this is a good thing. Being a lazy piece of shit who doesn't want to work is how we've motivated ourselves to automate the assembly of cars with machines, because lazy minorities sure don't wanna do that shit. Why? Because they're smart. That's innovation. You think that the Chinese kids who put together our iPhones give a shit about how the fuckin thing works? No, and they shouldn't. And really, neither should you. That's division of labor, and it's beautiful. This is where trickle-down econ boomers get it wrong: the money does not flow from the top to the bottom, but innovation and new interesting porn categories do. We need to have the brain lords around to invent the computer and the internet so that we can have fat Twitter witches dump out their saggy witch tits for their Only fans. No one is expecting her to know how computers work, really no one is expecting her to know how anything works, she's a whore. That's how the world works. Get all the people with no technical skills doing menial shit hopped up on amphetamines or opium to just sign the paper work and fill out the administrative details so we can keep figuring out how to perfect deep fake porn.

"Oh shit, this machine is amazing! How does it work?" said no poor person. That's not to disparage poors, but do I think that physical labor wagies needs to know a bunch of technical details about a computer just to use it or even be effective at it? No, because he's a labor worker what the fuck does he care about shit that makes his life easier?

You don't have to know how shit works on a technical level to use it, but you do need to at least try to pretend to know how it works if you want to protect yourself from being data farmed. I'm a genius and can't remember the last time I couldn't figure out something on a computer, but I did a virus scan for the first time in years on my desktop PC and found a Bitcoin miner on it, that son of a bitch. What kinds of ridiculous things does the common computer user have on their computer aside from the stock Windows spyware that it comes shipped with? (Note: look up 'Windows 10 debloat')

This is an important perspective for life I think more people should have: Everyone is trying to scam everyone else. Scammers want something from you that you wouldn't give them unless they tricked you, and it's either gonna be your wallet/resources, your personal info, or your loyalty. The only kinds of scams I can think of that are even remotely successful in pulling off two of these at once are promotional scams; the kinds that use your information to sell to advertisers, whether it be the glow in the dark grocery store membership card for 'free reward points',  or the 'free' services offered by Google or Facebook or Twitter.

The only things that are truly free in the computer world are pirated or open source. Getting software and media that you want for free is praxis. If we could download a car we would. So why not extend that to 'free' big tech services too?

‌‌How do you pirate the use of Google Docs or Twitter without paying for it in information? Stop looking at ads. Just simply stop watching them.

If everyone in the world used ad blockers effectively, I firmly believe that all big tech would cease to exist and with it the cancer of the web that is targeted advertising. Big tech is allowed to exist as a market function strictly because of the money they make selling you.

However, all that data that they collected to blast ads at you does still exist. So at the very least Get a VPN that's not being controlled by Five Eyes and just use Tor for everything you do on a browser. Some day the government is going to strong arm big tech into handing over all the data they've collected on people and use it to compile a complete list of all funny people on Twitter, sorted by their n-word counts online, grouped by their favorite porn categories, and published for the world to see along with their full names. If that sounds far fetched to you then you're a retard who hasn't been paying attention and has been using Facebook as free photo storage.