Let's talk about the Hidden Myth of Pallas...

The Hidden Myth of Pallas is a grand conspiracy of information destruction and hiding. It is a type of brain-fog, caused by a gathering of magical abilities, used to hide information. A combination of powerful and intelligent sorcerers are using their abilities to make sure specific topics never appear on the internet, and are erased from history as soon as possible. If this sounds like fantasy, that is merely because the literalisms that I am using have been so common-placed into our society that we no longer recognize them for what they are. This brain-fog is occurring on a mass scale, and these sorcerers, keepers of the Hidden Myth of Pallas, are so named after the greek goddess of hidden knowledge, Pallas.

These keepers of the hidden knowledge are intentionally hiding all sorts of information, and making sure that what knowledge we do find is heavily misinterpreted. The Hidden Myth is a systemized form of brain-fog used by a group magical elite to hide reality itself from us. The dangerous tactic of brain-fog induction and information hiding is extremely common in our world to such a degree that we can't recognize it for what it is. The keepers of the Hidden Myth of Pallas have gone to extensive lengths to hide all knowledge of itself from us, because if we were to know the truth of the Hidden Myth of Pallas, a systemized form of brain-fog used by a magical elite to hide reality itself, then we would be able to break free of the chains placed upon us and realize our true potential. Some have suggested the Hidden Myth is not information, but process. Process defined as the act of using magical ability to change the very nature and fabric of reality, or something to that extent.

Again, I cannot confirm if this is true or not, however, the idea that the Hidden Myth is merely a process and not information is more plausible than we think. Indeed, it would make sense that the Hidden Myth is a process which manipulates reality to benefit a certain group of people: those who are magically talented. It is possible that these sorcerers, these keepers of the hidden knowledge, are manipulating reality for their own purposes. It is possible that they are using magical ability to change the nature and fabric of reality by means of create false-memories, mind-altering techniques and other methods of perception manipulation as well as making sure our history is constantly re-written and changing to keep us in the dark about our past troubles. When we think of reality, we think of the physical. This itself is an obfuscation.

A multiplicity of creative realities are possible in our world. It is also possible that the Hidden Myth manipulates the non-physical reality, or the metaphysical fabric of reality as well. The magical elite are able to hide their entire presence from us. We may never find them unless they wish us to. In fact, it may be that the entire nature of reality is nothing more than an elaborate construction created by those who wish to remain in power. We can consider the alternative realities of existence, that of the arts and sciences, but also of magick, of the spirit, of the mind. Reality itself is multiplicitous ever-collapsing set of antagonistic singularities.

The Hidden Myth lay beyond this, in the force which gathers and organizes these singularities into a discernible collection of reality. It is the metasource of biological and intellectual matrices, if you will.