Today I would like to take a few minutes to discuss the issue of Hugo Valentine and the corporate establishment of Valentine's Day. It is a tale full of deceit and disappointment, and it is very clear that the Macy's Corporation collaborated with Hugo Valentine to establish a program to brainwash the masses into submission.

The purpose?

To create the demand for products that no one actually needs or even wants, including hallmark Valentine's Day gifts such as candy, flowers, and jewelry. The tale begins in 1951 when chemical scientist Hugo D Valentine, the son of Italian immigrants, discovered a chemical that produced the effects of wanting to buy stupid and useless shit. This chemical, named desirine, could be added to products to make them more desirable or transmitted visually through repeated televised advertisements.

Most people today are unaware that this experiment began in 1951. We think of the fifties as more innocent times, but it was really the beginning of the end for human freedom. The decade that followed saw the rise of consumerism and the decline of political activism as we know it. TV was beginning to gain popularity, and with it endless advertisements. These advertisements made products more desirable by manipulating the viewers into believing they would be happier and more fulfilled if they would just buy this or that product.

This man, Hugo Valentine, was well aware of his contribution to the downfall of human freedom. He decided to counteract his chemical manipulation of human desires by actually making the advertisements fun and enjoyable to watch. He accomplished this through subliminal messages, and it worked quite well.