Transcript - DEBATE NIGHT Kevin Castley Vs Ace Archist
Host: Kevin Castley
Opponent: Ace Archist
Originally streamed 2021-02-28 on Superpower Broadcasting, 9pm Eastern.

[KC] - Hello and welcome to Superpower Broadcasting, I'm Kevin Castley. Thank you for tuning in tonight. Tonight is debate night. Tonight I'm joined here with Ace Archist, one of the prominent figures of Anarchist Twitter and he and I are going to debate tonight. So if you're out there and you're interested in debating me, send me a DM and we'll work out the time to debate and everything. But here we are, a lot of people have been waiting for this one - and with that, we've got Ace here. Ace can go first, and make his opening. We don't have a moderator tonight, so it's going to be a bit more freeform than usual, but uh, uh feel free to go ahead, Ace.

[Ace] - Okay, I believe it'll only take about three to four minutes for my opening, I don't think it'll take very long. First, I would like to, uh, start with a moment of laughter for the four ATF agents who got smoked and they're looking up, watching, from White People Heaven. [raucous laughter - 5 seconds] Okay, thank you. So, my problem is that neocons are mostly Democrats who also wish JROTC would continue after high school into real life. Luckily, in real life, there's a lot more toilets so the threat of swirlies keeps them at bay. We're relatively safe that they are relegated to YouTube debates on Sunday nights with an audience of 50. The "mayo-cons" take the worst positions of every ideology and mesh them all together. The worst globalist ideas have an impotent fan club that's mocked by everyone who isn't them. They have no political allies, similar to their real social lives. To show how ridiculous neocons are, I have to show up here at 9'o'clock and debate Alfred E. Neocon, and explain why he should be ignored. Neoconservatism is kind of like being a brony. It's only appealing to social rejects, and somehow, in the end, everyone involved is a pedophile. Neoconservatism begins with countries wanting to take over the world for spices, and it dies wanting to take over the world to eliminate countries that use spices. The only military action I would support is America invading the Great White North and putting all maple monkeys and syrup sambos on the USS Liberty and having he/Hisrael blow it up again. (By the way, who does the neocon side with in the USS Liberty Incident?) Neoconservatism, to me, seems like someone who takes the Navy Seal Copypasta way too seriously. I would like to end this with a story, though, from my only interaction with a neoconservative in real life - and that would be my stepfather. We had a special relationship. I remember as a kid, maybe 7 years old, I was in the bath tub and I was playing with soap - and as a curious 7 year old, I accidentally got some soap in an area where it shouldn't be. And I was screaming in anguish. And my stepfather kicked - he busts in the door - he comes and he hears his son screaming, and he knows what to do, and he holds me up, and he sucks the soap out of my urethra. And that stepfather? That great gentleman? That great little k1d d*ck sucker was my stepfather, John McCain. In conclusion, my problem with neoconservatism is just how gay it is. It's not gay like me and my boyfriend, El Pulpo, who's gay and I kiss on the mouth. But gay as in "Reddit Gold gay". Gay like "Steven Universe gay". Gay like "hosting political debates on fringe ideology at 9pm" gay. We are all gay.

[KC] - [laughs] Gay bad, right? Gay bad. That's basically one of the only memes you guys have, right? So is there anything else you'd like to add, Ace, for your opening statements?

[Ace] - [pause] No.

[KC] - [laughs] Okay, then. So, well, there you go. So that's Ace there, so we're debating tonight and that's his opener. We had a lot of memes, we had "muh us libertuh", we had "gay bad", we had "neocons equal pedos". Tons of slander, etc. That's, that's cool, you know. [laughs] What a meme. Anyway, basically, my opponent here is an anarchist who supports Iran getting nuclear weaponry and essentially has said that, um, the United States has, uh, been deserving essentially of being attacked with, uh, you know, upwards of nuclear weapons, I mean we could go through the tweets and everything, but it stands for itself additionally. I wanted to make it clear that anarchism is deluded not only in its theoretical misconceptions of how the real world works, and you know, one of the big ironies with anarchism is that the actual international system being anarchic precludes anarchism from ever actually coming to form because there are no world police, in, you know, totality, and an anarchist state would easily be overrun by communists or fascists or really any state that could muster any sort of opposition to it, and, uh, just as we've seen throughout history. Additionally, neoconservatism, it was mentioned by Ace here that the neoconservatism he described is this combination of all the worst things and whatnot. What you have to understand here is that my opponent here represents basically all of the worst aspects. And we've seen this, as I've said, not just in theoretical misconception but also in terms of the practical worldview and approach and everything. I mean, Ace, Ace really is the kind of guy that if there's terrorists out there, if there's an anti-American regime out there, uh, he's basically going to go to bat for them. It's the sort of thing that I think is always hilarious, that when, whenever America's allies do something, whenever America did something, it's looked at with the most staunch sort of criticism, the most, uh, you know, some would regard, you know, in particular cases, as fifth columnry. And yet, whenever Russia, Iran, North Korea, et cetera, Bahout, these do things, they're always given a pass. And I find that interesting because to, to see an anarchist hope that an Islamic fundamentalist theocracy gets nukes, it's kind of interesting, cause I would have thought that anarchists would have been against the state altogether. And we can have a debate about the state, we can talk about the state, I think it's very clear that statism is the only way, the question is what kind of ideology the state is going to operate under - I argue for liberal democracy, obviously, and neoconservatism is the best vanguard and safeguard that not only defends the liberal order, but the expansion of the liberal order, so, uh, I don't really have too much else to add. I think we could kind of get into the back and forth and everything. I think, Ace, one thing that you said, you said on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that you hope Iran gets nuclear bombs. Do you mind explaining that for us? 'cause a lot of people would find that to be basically treasonous at this point, right?

[Ace] - They would find it to be BASED-ly treasonous, perhaps. Very BASED. Aren't you guys nukepilled? So, Iran can't be nukepilled, just you guys?

[KC] - Well, America, that's uh, false equivalance. America is different than Iran. America is the vanguard of the liberal order. Iran is Shiite terrorists that want to nuke Israel and are currently wrapping up Houthis that have been starving Yemen and and uh, essentially attacking Saudi Arabia and killing civilians across the board. We of course, uh, obviously see Iran, uh, in terms of their proxies waging war across the Middle East. They're, the irony here, is that they're the actual military power that has got this endless war, uh, complex going on from Syria to Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, and they're sending young Iranians to go and die for territory outside their own borders. Isn't that kind of funny? So this idea that, oh, well, "America has them, why can't Iran have them?". Iran is not the United States. Those are two different systems. One is on a death cult death wish to nuke Israel, the other is trying to prevent that. So -

[Ace] - Should Justin Trudeau have nukes?

[KC] - No, I'm not a fan of Justin Trudeau, I despise Justin Trudeau.

[Ace] - But should he have nukes, though?

[KC] - No, absolutely not. America should be the only country with nukes.

[Ace] - Should Israel have nukes?

[KC] - In the current moment, yes, absolutely. Down the road? Ideally the United States would be the only country with nukes. Once the world has a peaceful liberal democratic order.

[Ace] - Why would Israel not have the nukes down the road, once this order is established? Why couldn't they have the nukes then? Why just the United States?

[KC] - Well, the idea is that an international system is inherently unstable and that in order to guarantee world peace down the road, perhaps even thousands of years, the world would become one country and that would be the United States.

[Ace] - Oh, word. [laughs] Look, I don't get the whole nuke thing. I don't care who has the nukes, to be honest. As long as it just eliminates all of the chalkroaches and the arctic apes that are causing all of these issues up north. I don't care who does it. It could be Iran, that's, that's fine with me. I don't care who does it. And you can call it terrorism, that's - it doesn't hurt my feelings, it's not the first time I've been called a terrorist. You've called it to me a hundred times on Twitter. ..."Terrorist", I mean, you've got to use something a little more convincing than calling me a terrorist.

[KC] - Well, you support the largest state sponsor of terrorism getting nuclear weapons, and your best defense of it was to say that it would be "based" or that you wouldn't care but you're -

[Ace] - I support it in a meme sense because it's funny because it makes you mad, and it because it makes you sperg, and you go and you have me come on here at 9'o'clock to have debates, that's how ridiculous it is. That's why I support it, it's funny because it makes you have to do these ridiculous things. Of course it's funny. Do I want any state actor to have nukes? No, that's ridiculous. Why would I want a state actor to have nukes? Do you think that's the anarchist position? Do you seriously believe that?

[KC] - Well, you're defending their acquiring nuclear weapons on Twitter, so, uh, it does seem to be that as long as they're anti-American you're good with them getting nukes.

[Ace] - [laughs] I'm sorry, I'm just reading the comments. [laughs loudly] Alright, what else we got?

[KC] - Yeah, well, I mean, I asked you a question there. I grilled you on your defense of the Iranian nuclear program.

[Ace] - Yeah, yeah, let's talk about getting some pussy, dude. Should we have a pussy-getting contest? Cause I think neoconservatism is just giving up on the pussy stance. I think it's what happens when "a motherfucker gets zero pussy". Sorry, I don't want to be crass to the listeners. Anarchism, clearly, have you ever been to a juggalo event? All those guys call themselves anarchists, and it's just people getting laid galore. It's wicked. And then they're not annoying on Twitter. Imagine that parallel. The juggalos are the less annoying group contrasted to the neoconservatives.

[KC] - [laughs] So, you're a fan of the Insane Clown Posse? Is that what I'm getting here, is that the deal?

[Ace] - [laughs] You don't think they're based? They're a Christian group.

[KC] - Oh, God. Is this 2012 or something? These are memes, I forgot those guys even existed, with the clown shit.

[Ace] - Oh, that's right, you're one of those Reddit fedora tippers. The Christian group -

[KC] - I haven't been on Reddit in a long time, I'm not even Christian, dude, so -

[Ace] - Yeah, yeah, forgot, that's what I meant to amend it to. It couldn't get any more meme than that, of course you're not a Christian.

[KC] - [cackles]

[Ace] - No, I'm not. But it's just funny in your sense. Most of the anarchists I know are Christian and I think that's perfectly fine, in fact they don't know that I'm not. But it's, it's just funny that you're not. It's very stereotypical, I reckon.

[KC] - Stereotypical how so? I thought the meme was like, the meme was that, what, statists or defenders of America are Christian, is that the meme?

[Ace] - No, the meme is that people who take political fringe statism are nerds and they're fedora tippers like atheists on Reddit. They're generally the same guy.

[KC] - So you're talking like, eh, well, not necessarily The Amazing Atheist, but, they're not, those fedora tippers by the way don't tend to be big defenders of the state, they tend to be supporters of people like AOC and people of that sort. They tend to be definite left of center and, you know, super you know, kind of what's the word - grating, irritating. It's funny how you mentioned, oh, neoconservatism leads you to be annoying on Twitter when you're honestly one of the most annoying people on Twitter I can think of. But, I mean there are more annoying people. Liz was pretty annoying. Neocons Posting Their Ls is a really annoying dude.

[Ace] - [laughs]

[KC] - Yeah. But you, I mean, you're just, you're just a clown, man. I mean, I guess it makes sense, you're talking about the juggalos and everything, I mean, I guess you would own the label of being a clown.

[Ace] - Have you ever hung out with a juggalo?

[KC] - Like in 2011. I mean these are -

[Ace] - What did you do when you hung out with a juggalo? What was the activity you did? Did you guys smoke weed?

[KC] - Yeah, I used to smoke weed when I was in high school a long time ago.

[Ace] - With juggalos, though?

[KC] - Um, I smoked weed with a juggalo once.

[Ace] - And you're going to walk away from that and you're gonna say this is a clown world.

[KC] - Well "the clown world" is like a, uh, like a dog whistle, right? That's, that's like, uh, you know. I'm not saying that you're using it in that sense, but "clown world", "clown world" can go one of two ways. It can either mean the world is screwed up, or it can mean "JOOOOOOS BAAAAAAD", right?

[Ace] - No, I mean "whoop whoop clown world".

[KC] - Oh, God. Dude. So, again, I can't believe that there are unironic juggalos still around today. This is like a thing ten years ago that was like edgy and stuff, and -

[Ace] - I'm not a juggalo, I'm a wigger.

[KC] - [laughs nervously] Oh, God. Oh God, amazing. Amazing.

[Ace] - What's amazing about that? Juggalos, however, are adjacent to us, so there's a lot of overlap.

[KC] - Ace, are you high right now?

[Ace] - [laughs] Yeah, why wouldn't I be. You want me to show up - what kind of person would show up to this sober? Is that serious, is that a serious question, why wouldn't I be? I have to be blazed out of my mind to do this, absolutely I am. [laughs]

[KC] - Yeah, I know you have to be blazed out of your mind to do it, because you were dodging the debate, you were backing out of the debate for quite a while.

[Ace] - It's not dodging a debate, it's... I'm gonna quite Michael Malice. "Hanging up on the telemarketer because you're scared to debate him". I don't have to debate you guys, you guys are just obnoxious, I'm doing this as a - so no other anarchist has to waste their time on you guys. This should be the last time any of us have to interact with any of you guys. So both of us can go our separate ways. You can continue interacting with the 50 people who take you guys seriously. We'll continue interacting with the 100 people who take us seriously. Yes, that's right, we only have 50 more than you.

[KC] - [laugh] Yeah, that's what's funny. I do find it funny how you're calling the neocons and stuff a fringe ideology. At least, at least you're not like Kyle Kulinsky who thinks that the neocons are everyone in power, which is kind of funny. Um, because at the end of the day neoconservatism is not as big as it used to be. I think it's in hibernation status right now, and I'm trying to bring it back, but you guys are also pretty fringe, and a tiny minority. I mean, Liberty Lockdown admitted to being basically a small group.

[Ace] - Yeah, and so have I, and what's this tell you, so will every one of us you ask. We all acknowledge that.

[KC] - Okay, but then you're like making fun of neocons for being fringe and everything -

[Ace] - Yeah, because you used to not be! That's funny. [laughs] If we could ever end up where you guys used to be, it'd be game over. We would never go back to fringe. Once people understand anarchism and understood how it works, we'd never go back to being fringe, like you did. Your guys' thing was so bad, it lasted for a very small period of time. Now you're a laughingstock. In fact, thanks a lot neocons. You've given way to progressivism. Now progressivism's winning. You guys couldn't retain power at all 'cause of how inept every neocon is, and you've ceded it to progressivism and now they run the world, thanks a lot. Round of applause to the neocons! [claps]

[KC] - Okay, so how did neoconservatism give rise to progressivism?

[Ace] - It didn't give rise, you ceded way.

[KC] - Not exactly, not exactly. John McCain and Mitt Romney, now they aren't in and of themselves neocons. What you're talking about, what you're talking about is basically, the mainstream media at large has a very progressive bias and an anti-neocon bias, and somehow we've ceded ground - no you lose some elections, you win some elections, we're gonna be back mind you. And we're gonna be back with a fury and we're gonna take out North Korea and we're gonna take out Iran and whatnot down the road, but, but for you guys, I got a question. You said that, well, if you guys were in power even for the same amount of time, everybody would get anarchism and you guys would win. Uh, could you explain anarchism? Like, give your sales pitch for anarchism. Why should people be anarchists?

[Ace] - I have a better question, which will explain that question you just asked me: who are the other people you smoked weed with aside from the juggalos?

[KC] - [laughs] Uh... buddies from high school.

[Ace] - Like, what's the weirdest group, would juggalos be number one?

[KC] - Uh, no, uh, reactionary, uh... I guess primitive fascists would probably be the most fringe group, probably. Those guys were interesting.

[Ace] - You hung out and smoked weed with primitive fascists?

[KC] - Yeah.

[Ace] - That's pretty wicked, that beats mine actually.

[KC] - [laughs] Like, I've said before - it's not like a secret or anything, I used to hang around communists in high school and fascists in high school, so, you know. [laughs]

[Ace] - I didn't know the handicap stall went that big.

[long pause]

[KC] - [laughs] Dude. So here's the thing. Here's the thing. Your entire ideology is basically a joke, so it makes sense that you've got these dad jokes, cause you've basically internalized the fact that you guys are a laughingstock, so you might as well own it. It's kind of like how I am with the whole "Ghoul Gang" sort of thing. At least there's that. At least you guys are owning the whole "being a joke" thing. So what's the deal with anarchism. Why should people be anarchists, Ace? Why are you an anarchist?

[Ace] - I... what kind of smoking weed with the juggalos doesn't resonate with you, dude? I can't believe you did that and you didn't walk away anarchist.

[KC] - [laughs] I, I did that, and I figured it would - I, I'm not even against weed as a drug. That's the furthest I go, I'm against, obviously, legalizing other shit, but you don't - you don't have to be an anarchist to support smoking weed, by the way. I actually think that weed should be legal, it is legal in Canada for example.

[Ace] - Do you think the coronavirus should be legal?

[KC] - [laughs] What?! [laughs] So you're asking me for my stance on lockdowns, is that what you're getting at? Is that what you're getting at? Because I've got my criticism as to how Trudeau should have handled the lockdowns.

[Ace] - Where did I say "lockdowns"? I'm asking you if coromavirus should be illegal.

[KC] - What does that even mean?

[Ace] - Dawg, have you not been paying attention for the past year?

[KC] - [long pause] Should coromavirus be illegal? What does that even mean, dude? [laugh]

[Ace] - There's this guy here named Andrew Yang, who brought coromavirus over and he spread it and it's attacked everybody. Andrew Yang keeps giving these people coromavirus, should that be illegal?

[KC] - So this is, so this, uh, coromavirus, is that some dogwhistle? Are we doing some dogwhistle now against what, Asians? What's the deal, what's the deal?

[Ace] - What do you mean "coromavirus"?

[KC] - That's what you - that's what you said.

[Ace] - What's it called?

[KC] - Well you said "coroma", it's referred to as "corona".

[Ace] - Oh, well, coronavirus, I'm sorry. I thought it was "coroma", dude. Didn't... oh.

[long pause]

[KC] - So... so... so what's the -

[Ace] - Okay, you got me on this one. Alright, fine, you got me on "coromavirus". Check that one. So that's 1 you, 1 me, I think is the score right now. It's 1 to 1. Alright, it's your turn to serve, what have you got for us?

[KC] - Okay. Okay. So, uh, anarchists obviously can't defend against an invading superpower. Now when I asked Keith about this, I'm not sure how well you know Keith or anything, but he tried to represent the anarchist side and he said that, well, if China invades America he would send PDFs of Rothbard over to communist China and they would turn against their leader and everybody would basically I guess be anarchists or something at that point. Are you - are you gonna double down on that? Or what would you say is how an anarchist society would be able to defend itself against be invaded?

[Ace] - What stops Iceland from getting invaded right now.

[KC] - NATO and the American umbrella.

[Ace] - No. No, what stops Iceland from getting invaded is that it's not very based, dude.

[KC] - [laughs] Well I guess, I guess we can to some extent agree on that. They've got very high taxes and shit, so. -

[Ace] - Thank you, so now it's 2 to 1. So now it's my turn. [pause] Have you... have you ever served in the military?

[KC] - [gleeful] Oh, God, we're doing the meme. We're doing the meme. "When are you joining the military, though", are we doing the meme?

[Ace] - No, I'm just, I'm just... you don't know where I'm going with this. Have you ever served in the military?

[KC] - I have not. Have you?

[Ace] - Yes, I have. And here's why I think you should join as well. And it's not just because you can see firsthand what being in the military is like so that way other people don't call you a coward, which is where I think you figured I was going with this, but instead -

[KC] - You're either a coward or a war criminal, those are your two options, right?

[Ace] - Correct, in your instance you're both. That's very impressive.

[KC] - [laughing loudly] Wait, I'm both? How am I a war criminal, what war crime did I commit, Ace?

[Ace] - Turn around, dawg.

[KC] - Uh... Oh my God, so, so here's the deal, right -

[Ace] - You're wearing a suit at 9pm, that's the war crime!

[KC] - Yeah, you're a, you're a seditious punk and you were in the military, you were in the United States military. Is that what I'm hearing right now? And you think that Iran should have nuclear weapons?

[Ace] - Hell yeah, let's just make it an even fight, dude.

[KC] - That's... that's beyond stupid and completely counter to -

[Ace] - Why - why won't you join the military, though? What's your reason?

[KC] - Me? Uh... couple reasons -

[Ace] - I think it's "you're homophobic".

[KC] - Excuse me?

[Ace] - I think you won't join because you're homophobic.

[KC] - Well, you're the one calling everything gay. When have I -

[Ace] - Yeah, I'm gay.

[KC] - Okay.

[Ace] - I joined the army so I could be around a bunch... so when you go to basic training, I went to Fort Benning, Georgia. While I was in Fort Benning Georgia, you're in a bay with 60 dudes. And they make you all line up naked to make sure you don't have anything and you're standing there with 60 dudes, and you go into a shower. And one by one, you just shower with a bunch of shirtless naked dudes that are all getting soapy and wet next to you and it's a really great time. I'm surprised you haven't joined.

[KC] - [laughs]

[Ace] - Why haven't you? I'm recommending this, for you to go.

[KC] - So you're gay and you're recommending a regime that executes gay people having nukes. That's beyond self-defeating and stupid.

[Ace] - Naw, you don't get it, dude. They're not executing gay people in Iran.

[KC] - Uh, yes they are. Are you serious right now? How drunk are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

[Ace] - No, it's just a misunderstanding.

[long pause]

[Ace] - My point is why haven't you joined to hang out with the shirtless guys?

[KC] - So you're doing the meme, but you're -

[Ace] - It's not the meme.


[Ace] - It's not a meme, why haven't you joined, it's a serious question. [pause] I'm sure many anarchists would like to hear the answer, why didn't -  regardless, what if it's not a meme - why didn't you join? What's the good excuse for a neocon who won't join?

[KC] - It is, it is a meme, whether you intended it to be a meme or not. Because Daniel didn't intend it as a meme, he had never heard of the meme before, he just did the meme cause he wasn't very bright. You're still doing the meme, dude.

[Ace] - Okay, let's say it is a meme, then. Meme on me. I'm giving you a free dunk, dunk on me.

[KC] - Literally the meme, but just shirtless, that's the only difference.

[Ace] - Then dunk on me, why won't the neocon join the military? Dunk on me, go ahead. If it's such a meme, go ahead and dunk.


[KC] - Yeah, so, a couple worries -

[Ace] - KLUNK!

[KC] - Yeah, so the first is, the uh, if I join the Canadian military right now are we going to just immediately all of the sudden because I enlist, invade North Korea? Is that really how that works? No. So I can do a lot more by just changing the culture over here than I could, even if I was the best soldier in the world, which I wouldn't be, you're only as good as your commanding leadership, in this case Trudeau. Trudeau's a bootlicker for communist China, so why would I, why would I not instead focus on changing the political culture, so.

[Ace] - How effective have you been in that regard?

[KC] - Well, I'm about two percent of the way through the length of this channel so far, so not as effective as I'd like to be, but compared to where I'll be in 20 years, um, you know. We're basically going to bring about a neoconservative renaissance. We've got a bunch of young hawks that used to be isolationist that watch this show, and we're just starting out. So, come back in ten years, twenty years, let's see what happens.

[Ace] - What do you think is going to be driven back further: neoconservatives on the political front in 20 years, or your widow's peak in 20 years?

[KC] - [laugh] So you're just here to troll right now.

[Ace] - Yes, I just came here to talk shit to you, that's correct.

[KC] - And you know what I find great about this is the fact that you were afraid to even come here and talk shit for a couple weeks and it took your compatriots on the anarchist side coming here and actually debating me to snap you out of it and say "fine, okay, finally we'll debate". Because you were against debating me at first, you were scared to debate me at first, and you're like "oh, no, I'm not gonna debate that guy" and everybody was like "dude, why are you scared to debate him". So you weren't even gonna make a serious debate and you were still scared to even come here. I mean, dude, what's the deal with that? Cause, to everybody here you just sound chickenshit, dude.

[Ace] - Alright, that was a really good closing statement, unfortunately the final score is 7 to 1, and it looks like I destroyed you.

[KC] - [laugh] Okay, so you're high out of your mind, you're obviously probably to some extent drunk -

[Ace] - I do not drink.

[KC] - And you think that Iran should have nuclear weapons.

[Ace] - So that's another point for me, it's 8 to 1, I don't drink.

[KC] - You're opposed to police. You're basically everything the western world should despise, and we should completely reject everything you stand for. And I will say, I think it's been an enlightening debate so far, because people do really get to see what kind of scumbag, uh, the anarchists are -

[Ace] - Yeah, all 7 of them get to see it, oh no! [laugh]


[Ace] - What if I'm not even Ace? Wouldn't that be funny?

[KC] - [nervous laugh] It honestly wouldn't matter because the memes that you've done tonight are so of the likeness that Ace would do that I don't even care if you're one of Ace's buddies, it literally doesn't matter. I think people got some entertainment tonight. I think, um, I think on the whole people get to see, you know, this is the best foot forward that the anarchists can put up. And it's fucking cringe, so.

[Ace] - [laugh] Well, thank you.

[long pause]

[Ace] - Taking a loss in stride, I think was very nice of you.

[KC] - [laugh] What a... what a meme. What a meme, dude. What a meme dude. Wow.

[Ace] - Do you have any retort to being a JROTC, friend?

[KC] - [laugh] Man, this is ummm... yeah, so this was, a interesting experience. I mean, you know, we had one other question, actually? Why is it-

[Ace] - It's ten inches.

[KC] - Why do you do apologetics for the Houthis if you're some anarchist? Wouldn't you be against fundamentalist? Especially if you're gay. Why are you defending the Houthis, that seems totally dumb.

[Ace] - I just do whatever makes you mad.

[KC] - So I live rent free in your head. Okay. Wonderful, based. Based. Score one for me, score ten for me, dude.

[Ace] - That's like saying the kid who eats glue lives rent free in your head because you make fun of him in school. No, I'm just making fun of you, you don't live rent free, I stop thinking about you once I click "Leave Studio" here.

[KC] - Yeah, sure you do. Sure you do. So I think this has probably been the shortest debate we've ever done. Uh, unless you've got anything else, I don't really see anything productive from us going forward, I think it was a giant meme.

[Ace] - Yeah, everyone go check out, I have a ten inch penis.