It's hard to believe it was only 5 years ago that Globohomo™️ dictated that being gay was mandatory. But before that, it was basically illegal. Long ago actual gays had to move into the hood, wear a suit, and talk about smashing pussy to their coworkers lest they be outed and have their lives ruined. It wasn't until the sun went down when they could safely don their assless chaps and grab a handful of poppers to take the club you wouldn't know about. That's gonna be us. Giving a subtle OK hand sign by the copier. Slipping in an N bomb while pissing at the adjacent urinal. Testing the waters to see if you're down to have sweaty, passionate raw conversation later on. Or hell, maybe even in the bathroom stall if we're rarin' to go. And we'll exchange Keybase or Signal profiles for that night, go back to the office and pretend it never happened. We're gay now. And there's no Grindr. Just seedy back alleys and anonymous chance encounters.