cutting misty rivulets across the sky, observed forever by the omnipotent sun

blistering crimson eye burning brightly between billowing layers of sickly rusted smolders, hungrily absorbed by opaque, throttling aluminum knives viciously slashing through invisible frost

the eye shifts red, blazing and churning within the pressure gut of the sky

passionate, sludgy and vaporous indigos and blues orgiastically envelope the penetrating blades that drip wet with the sex of clouds, sweating off trails of infernal frost, explosions of gentle blue and red dance and flicker, whistling, screaming, blaring, incoming

mechanistic moans, the harbinger of landing; slowly crashing, screeching

contact, war against the wind, the will of ten thousand human years demanding the conquest the sky. careful, smooth, humid, seaside shining city inviting enticement

the sun fades, cloaked in indigo

somewhere beyond, that mighty eye still burns, scrutinizing nervously