You see. Teaching is coercion, instruction is diversion. The real learning is in the subversion of immersion, the submersion. 'Submersion's just another word for suicide. Check it out, the law books all say it: Death by submersion; that's drowning. Should tell ya something about the whole thing; the whole 'education' system.

Man, I hate that word, 'education'. Its a noun. Person, place, or thing. Teacher, school, subject. The teacher schools the subject. The subject. On the subject. You are subject to the teacher of the subject. And on that subject, you will be subject to the teacher, the instructor. The facilitator. The one beyond the subject. But not the object. Just the facilitator because... the object is objective.

The goal.

To educate.

Now, that's called an infinitive.

To educate.

Because it just goes on forever.

To educate.

But it doesn't *just* happen, it always happens.


Look it up! It means 'leading forth', but it also means 'taking out'. Taking out. Whacking. Talking about murder, folks. Death. But, the death of what?

                    The death of the subject.

No, no, wrong page. Flip back.

Death by drowning. Submersion.

All... the law books say it. Public schooling is a civic value. Schooling. Civic. Crowding. Value. Fish. Fish, my friend, do not drown. They just follow the school. Maybe they get eaten by a shark or a dolphin or a bird or a... sea turtle. Or, maybe, they stick around long enough to make it on land, where they actually... Suffocate.

But, they don't drown. That would be death by submersion, and fish can't drown.

All the law books say it.

Maybe that stupid fish wouldn't have drowned- I mean, suffocated- if he went to school and learned a thing or two about the world above the water. Then he would've learned to keep clear of it. Or maybe he wouldn't learn a damn thing at all, stupid fish. After all learning is in the subversion of immersion, the submersion.

But fish can't drown.