So, you call yourself a libertarian, an anarchist, a radical. Well, guess what? Either:

  • You’re full of shit. You’re bluepilled. None of your “enemies” are afraid of you.


  • You’re the real deal - and the state, the Cathedral, and the powers that be - they want you silenced, marginalized, afraid, and powerless.

If you’re the former, move along and stop reading. If you’re the latter, nothing I’m about to say should be news to you:

Life is going to be worse in 2021 than it was in 2020. Totalitarianism will grow. The economy will worsen. Your opinions will become unacceptable, if not illegal. There will be no help for you from the mainstream. Justin Amash will not save you by getting 1.5% of the popular vote in 2024. John Brennan has publicly lumped “libertarians” in with “insurgents”. This society wants radicals to be fragmented, disempowered and disenfranchised. It’s up to you to fix that. It’s up to you to make allies, to empower yourself, and to secure your own rights. Repeat after me: “The cavalry is not coming to save me. I am the cavalry.”

If you’re the cavalry, you need to be prepared for battle. You need to be disciplined. We are all, at this very moment, fighting a two-front war: a cold civil war, and a hot spiritual war. You cannot be a valuable soldier in either of those conflicts if you don’t have your physical health in order. I can’t stress this enough. You are at war. You are the cavalry. Get fit or be crushed.

How fit should a warrior be? Here are the minimum passing physical fitness benchmarks for the US Army’s PFT test, for a 27-31 year old male:

  • Pushups - 39 reps in 2 minutes
  • Sit-ups - 45 reps in 2 minutes
  • 2-mile run - 17:00

None of these is particularly exceptional for anyone with no injuries and a reasonably healthy BMI. Give it a try. See where you’re at. Are you better or worse than the bare-minimum US Army soldier? This should give you some perspective. If you failed one or more of those benchmarks, you have your work cut out for you, and you should start training. If you passed all of those benchmarks, you still have your work cut out for you, and you should keep training.

Pushups, sit-ups, and running are hardly the measure of a well-rounded athlete. I’d also recommend achieving at least a “Novice” proficiency in all of these movements.

  • Bench press - one rep max - .9x bodyweight
  • Deadlift - one rep max - 1.45x bodyweight
  • Squat - one rep max - 1.23x bodyweight
  • Shoulder press - one rep max - .6x bodyweight
  • Pull ups - 5 reps

If you can’t already do all of the above, and you are otherwise healthy, I promise you that with regular training you can achieve every one of these within 1-2 years. Start now. Once you can pass every benchmark I’ve mentioned, congratulations! You are now in better shape than the vast majority of the population.

“B-but I don’t need to be strong or fit! I’m going to learn theory and grow cucumbers and live in a yurt!”, I can hear the agorists cry. Fact is, whatever form adversity takes, you want to be as healthy as possible. Growing cucumbers is hard work. Surviving an economic depression is hard work. The strength and energy that come from consistent physical training will make you better prepared for any hardship. If you’re a prepper, your body is your most important prep - it’s the EDC that’s always with you. (If you’re not a prepper, then just stop calling yourself a radical and climb into your Amazon PrimePod.)

Physical benefits are not the only reason to get in shape. Remember, you are a combatant in a hot spiritual war. Every day, shots are fired. Every day, you need to pass a gut check - do I bitch and cry about gun control, or the Fed, or drag queen story hour? Do I get blackpilled? Do I surrender - or do I do something to make myself stronger? Do I do something to weaken and expose my enemy? I’d recommend doing something, and if you want to do something smart, you’re going to need a clear mind. Lifting clears your mind. Lifting removes stress. It lessens your aversion to pain, and increases your willpower. The stronger you are, the fitter you are, the more prepared you are to make smart plans and to carry them out.

Lastly, you need allies in this war you’re in. You might already have some friends who are radicals like you. But you’re going to need all the fellow travelers you can get. And you want them to be strong, disciplined, and effective people. If you’re not trying to be your best, who do you think you’re going to persuade to fight with you? What sort of people are going to choose to struggle with you, trust you, even follow you?

If you’ve read a hundred books on political theory, how much will the hundred-and-first book do to make you more persuasive? Consider the possibility that you’ll be a much better ambassador of your ideology if you feel, and look, like a winner.

I don’t read theory, but I do know this: it’s called “Human Action”, not “Human Inaction”. So get moving and start acting.

[Edit: "Just FYI: Those PT test scores are for bare minimum/entry. Line units (combat jobs) tend to require people in the 280-300 range of PT test which IIRC is like 70-80 push-ups, same for sit-ups, and a 13 minute 2-mile run" -Lee Enfield ]